Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PR by the numbers

I'm beginning to be convinced that the Mashable website is a treasure trove of information for anyone dealing with PR and marketing.  A couple of years ago, I would never have had a "smart" phone because I just wasn't into texting.  That changed when I saw that some of the younger people I worked with at the theatre company wouldn't answer phone calls or emails, but would responds to text messages!

What sealed the deal for me in buying my smart phone was that I had an opportunity to work as a judge for a solo show theatre competition in Romania.  After looking at the costs to call back home from there, I became a fan of texting, which is far less expensive.  With that and gmail chat, the hubby and I could stay in touch even though I was half a world away.

But let me get back to the age issue, which is the focus of this article on Mashable.  Granted that they have slanted this article to marketing, I think it also holds relevance to PR issues as well.  How about you?