Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes

are about the only constant my friends.  It's amazing that I've been posting more to the PR blog than my art & life blog, Ann Tracy's Waiting for the Muse!  But I've stumbled upon some very interesting stuff that I did want to share with you.

Big thanks to my Twitter friend from Ireland - Saoire O' Brien for passing along this link to an article in Mashable about how Facebook is changing and morphing.  Granted they talk about it more in a marketing sense, but I think this is useful for PR as well.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What was Old is New Again

While PR and marketing folks have some new tools with social media, you still need to get the job done the old way.  This article in Mashable Business harps on that.  But for folks like me who are also visual artists, I can sell work straight from my page here on Facebook.  See the tab at the top that says "Shop"?  If you click on it you will bring up all the inventory I have on Fine Art America.

So I wouldn't write off social media for making the purchase, at least not yet!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

'Tis the Season

If you haven't already seen dreaded Christmas stuff in stores already, I want to know where you live!  Yes, retailers have thrust the season upon us too early, but in the PR world, it's not too late to think of a way to help those less fortunate while at the same time promoting your business or service!  I love it when businesses partner with non profits - a win-win situation.

But what can you do?  Here in Sacramento, not only did part of a big suburban mall burn recently, but a food bank was also scorched.   I would advise local clients to hold a canned/dry food drive to benefit the food bank.  I would also advise them to offer some of their products or services to be awarded in a drawing to those who signed up on their mailing list. 

So, take a look around your town or city to see what is going on and what needs to be done.  With more folks not finding work for long periods of time, I think it's always good to do something for local food banks which are being hit harder than ever.

Another idea is to hold a toy drive and bring what you have collected over to a children's charity in your area.  Or if you are associated with any kind of "beauty" services for women, offer those services on a special day to women who are clients of the domestic abuse agency in your area. 

I think that it's probably common knowledge that when economic conditions decline, the rates of domestic violence rise, especially around the holidays.  One thing that I do is that I collect all those little shampoo and conditioner and the like bottles from my hotel stays.  In December, I gather them up and bring them over to the Sacramento Childrens Receiving Home.

And once you have made your plans, publicize the hell out of your events!  Get it posted on Facebook, Tweet about it and make sure that you post your news releases (which you should send out first) on the many free news release sites.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Side Saddle

Is how I'm picturing myself with this PR blog over the past few weeks.  Many things going on in the art wrold for me and in the personal world so that I have neglected you my dear readers for which I apologize.  Many thanks again to my good friend Jane Gassner for her guest post.  She is one smart cookie and a fabulous writer and I'm a lucky blogger to have her post for me!

I'm now in Portland Maine, a world away from Sacramento but close to the heart of my childhood home and a place I'm thinking of re-locating to.  So, just to call in yet another favor from Jane, I'm posting this link from her Tweet to me today.  It's a very timely and well written post that applies to all of us who have dance from one career to another.

Should we errant bloggers get a temporary B on our foreheads when we ignore our posts?  Maybe I'm only thinking this since I'm in "Scarlet Letter" territory.