Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's All in the Timing

Not only is our title today a very funny series of vignettes for theatre written by David Ives, but it's about PR as well.  I know that when I'm trying to get interest in a story, I had better respect the media's deadlines.  But what about social media which is not so deadline oriented?

Seems that there are some times that are better than others to post to Facebook.  On this marketing site they have the details.  I understand that more people probably go to Facebook on the weekends, so a Friday afternoon might be an ideal time to post.  But I'm not quite sure I buy the fact that more things are shared at 8 am than any time. 

Many of the folks that I know are on FB late at night.  What's  your experience been?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Media vs. Bloggers

A big shout out to my friend Chad Sorg of Artist Fishbowl fame who inspired this week's post on PR Insights.  In my other life as a visual artist, we both belong to an artist's group in Reno that holds an annual art festival - Nada Dada Motel - where artist rent rooms in low end motels to show their work.  I became involved with the group about three years ago and helped with the PR which ended up with the NY Times covering the event two years ago.

OK, enough back story, here's the meat of the message - that approaching bloggers is very different than sending out news releases to media.  Since much of PR is luck and timing, I'd have to say that I agree with with most of its advice. 

But from personal experience working with a client who had developed a new toy for toddlers and was taking it to a showcase, I'd have to say that I did the regular "hack" job for her - that is sending out a regular release to bloggers and did get plenty of response and offers to do stories on her and her product. 

However this is just one incidence.  Actually the hardest part of the aforementioned project was to research and develop a list of bloggers who would have an interest in the story.  Although I do agree totally about not being a nag when following up after sending out a pitch!