Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Making a Splash

Sorry I haven't been as up to date on this blog as I have been on my other one, but after getting back from the hubby's family reunion, had much to do and then last week, a hideous cold struck.  It's been five days already and I'm still recovering.  But that doesn't mean that social media has not been on my mind!

I'm going back through the book Trust Agents to pull some interesting tidbits to put here, although you really should go out and get a copy - perhaps your library has a copy.  But thanks to my Linked In group and Tony Gates, here's another take on social media:

But do you believe in the wisdom of crowds?  If something is popular, does that make it good?  I did go to Reddit and searched for art topics and guess what?  Nothing was there.  So because nothing is there, does that mean it's not good?  Let me know... and Merriest of Holidays and the best of the New Year!

1 comment:

  1. this wisdom of crowds, very much so, yes. Community in communication.. I've seen it. We can weed out the rats, promote the shining stars, yes there's wisdom and those experiments they've used to show a crowds accuracy at estimating the correct number is pretty astounding.

    We're all kinda idiots, but none of us are total idiots. That's my synopsis. This book ROCKS ANN! thnx.