Friday, October 8, 2010

Side Saddle

Is how I'm picturing myself with this PR blog over the past few weeks.  Many things going on in the art wrold for me and in the personal world so that I have neglected you my dear readers for which I apologize.  Many thanks again to my good friend Jane Gassner for her guest post.  She is one smart cookie and a fabulous writer and I'm a lucky blogger to have her post for me!

I'm now in Portland Maine, a world away from Sacramento but close to the heart of my childhood home and a place I'm thinking of re-locating to.  So, just to call in yet another favor from Jane, I'm posting this link from her Tweet to me today.  It's a very timely and well written post that applies to all of us who have dance from one career to another.

Should we errant bloggers get a temporary B on our foreheads when we ignore our posts?  Maybe I'm only thinking this since I'm in "Scarlet Letter" territory.

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