Monday, August 1, 2011

Google Plus ?

Do you get it?  I'm not sure I do.  But I'm there, having been thrown in certain circles by my good meaning gmail friends.  Guess I'm what you could call an early adopter.  I even got a new Android phone last week that I'm still trying to figure out.  But I will persevere and conquer it as I did the Blackberry before it.

But back to Google+, right now I only have 6 people in circles, but 14 have me in their circles.  The one thing was bothers me a bit about it is that I have my "real" email address attached to it.  On the FB side, I use a different email address so my inbox isn't clogged with stuff and to to that FB email every few days to clear things out of it.

But thanks to           I've have access to some information on Google+ that might be of use to you PR types out here.  But I couldn't have done it wthout the help of the good folks over at A Photo Editor.  Thanks for that link t his morning.  I knew that I needed to post here and was a trifle at sea about what to post.


  1. You can lock down G+ so that only people in your circles can email you (or specific circles) in the "edit profile" section. I should note, though, that anyone using the "email this member" link doesn't actually see your email address. You can also set the visibility of different sections of your profile, including your email addresses. This isn't as robust as I'd like it to be: basically I have my "work" and "home" contact info and control via circles who sees which (I think you should be seeing both for me). I'd prefer that I control who sees each individual email address but this works for now.

    You can sign up for a secondary gmail account (you might recall I have several), set it to forward to your main account (so that you don't have to log in twice to view stuff) and have that be the email that displays to people who follow you but that you don't follow. I use "work" for this but that isn't going to be effective for everyone. I suspect this is a portion of the service that Google will expand on.

    Am I making any sense? Email me; I can totally pimp out your google.

  2. thanks so much Lab Rat... will give it a whirl later