Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Win-Win PR

When you or your company can do something good for those less fortunate, but also garner some headlines doing it, I call this a win-win situation.  When I was involved in an artist-run coop gallery a few years back, I always tried to make sure we could help someone while doing something a little different to gain some press coverage.  We asked artists to donate pieces of mail art to the gallery so that we could sell the work and then give 30% of the proceeds to a nonprofit group called the Women's Wisdom Project, which provides art classes and a free lunch to any woman who is undergoing some kind of crisis. 

This was a very small way to try to give back to those who needed help in the community while positioning ourselves as compassionate gallery owners.  They are now doing this in France but in a far bigger fashion!  They have asked famous artists to donate work for a sale that will benefit an AIDS organization.  But they have an interesting twist to it.

Details are HERE

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