Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Honest PR

Many people confuse public relations with advertising.  Yes, they are both part of a marketing campagin, but they differ widely.   If  these confused people also happen to be one of your clients, then you are in big trouble because of probable diminished expectations.  I always tell clients that PR is just a crap shoot, sometimes you get lucky and other times you don't.  With advertising, you simply get what you pay for - an ad.  Perhaps it's easier for me to understand media because I was once a journalist who was pitched by PR people. 

I always tell clients this first off before we even get to talk about strategies and the like. The reason I do this is that I too have had clients who expected way too much from one or even a series of news releases that I wrote for them.  Then there is also the problem of importance.  Clients think their service/product/event is the most important thing going on that day.  It can be difficult to break the news to them that journalists don't think that way.  If there's a big say ax murder on the day of your launch, the media won't care two figs about you.  Even in these days of changing media, if it bleeds it leads!

I belong to many (probably too many) groups at Linked-In.  One of these is Freelance Professionals, where Brian Salisbury's post and link to his blog got this line of thought going. He's got some interesting thoughts HERE

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