Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Do You Trust?

Your FaceBook friends?  There seems to be almost as many opinions about social networking and it's relative value to PR and marketing, as there are books about the subject.  Ironically, this post is based on a comment from one of my groups at Linked-In and a possible new job that a friend might be taking soon.

One woman posted in the discussion section about how she had set up Twitter and FaceBook accounts for her company but wasn't exactly sure what she should do now or if there were other sites they should be listed on.  To my way of looking at it, all businesses should have a presence on social media, because it's just plain ole easy PR to keep your name out there.

But the person who responded to this woman told her that she needed to read a book (Trust Agent by Chris Brogan) that had been recommended to her by a Boston-based PR agency.  Chris's blog/website is a very interesting read with some damn good advice on blogging.  Matter of fact, I hadn't realized that one of my techniques about seeing something interesting about PR and then blogging about it was one of his hints. 

Has your business or organization had positive reactions to blogs or social media?  Tell me about them, it's another way to generate some PR because I will write about it!

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